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Aspiring Artist

For students looking to explore their creativity on their instrument, with the hope of writing, recording, and performing their own music.

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Discover a creative process that is right for you

With students aspiring to be professional musicians or artists, no lesson is created equal.  Therefore we work with each student to tap into their potential to find their own unique process.  

Lessons can include composition/writing techniques, recording techniques (working with DAW), ear training, arrangement, and many more lesson topics.

Learn how to perform many types of guitar styles at a pro level 

Expand your ability by covering a wide variety of guitar genres and techniques such as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, etc. 


Learn how to use alternate tunings to give your songs unique and interesting sounds.  

Come up with killer sounding tones by learning how to use guitar effects.

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Enjoy creating music in a bilingual environment

Recommended for aspiring artists who would like to work in environments that use both English and Japanese.

①English Only

Students with English as their primary language, and/or who would like to enjoy lessons only in English.

②Japanese and English Mixed

Students who would like to work on their English or Japanese,

with some support in their primary language.

③Japanese Only 

Students with Japanese as their primary language and/or would like to

enjoy lessons only in Japanese.  

Get constructive feedback 

on your work

Each lesson comes with written feedback on your progress and your work.  Understand your strengths, and have a clear idea on what your areas to improve are. 

Gain a solid perspective on what you need to reach your musical goals.

Book of guitar Chords


"I went to Ryan because I was working on one of my first studio recordings but my playing just wasn't up to the producer's high standards.


Ryan not only patiently helped me improve my technique so that I could finish the recording but also gave me valuable information on how to think and create guitar parts like a seasoned studio pro.


The things he taught me have given me confidence to play in just about any situation and I couldn't have done it without his years of wisdom!" -30 year old musician

Recommended Plans

Short Lesson Artist Course

Spring Campaign!
No Admission Fee (Limited Offer)

Admission Fee: ¥10,000

Full Lesson Artist Course

Admission Fee: ¥10,000

Spring Campaign!
No Admission Fee (Limited Offer)

Come in for a trial lesson, and you will receive a consultation to create a solid plan to reach your musical goals.