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Boys in Guitar Class

Kids Guitar

Guitar lessons for children from a patient and knowledgable guitar instructor.  

Child taking Guitar Lessons

Confidence, motivation, and

the gift of music

Lessons are structured to give your child maximum enjoyment of their lessons, plus learning the basics of music notation, as well as a foundational music ability.

Learn guitar in English

Allow your child to learn guitar in an English speaking environment.  

This is an excellent way for children learning English to immerse themselves in English.

Acoustic Guitar


"Ryan is an incredible teacher. My sister and I were both students of Ryan and we learnt so much from him. He is so talented as a musician and communicates so well when he is teaching. Every lesson I left smiling and inspired to practice until our next lesson!" -High school students

Recommended Plans

Kids Guitar Course

Lesson Length

30 Minutes

Times Per Month



¥13000 (@3250 per lesson)

Admission Fee: ¥10,000

No Admission Fee (Limited Offer)

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