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Boys in Guitar Class

Kids Guitar

Guitar lessons for children from a patient and knowledgable guitar instructor.  

Child taking Guitar Lessons

Confidence, motivation, and

the gift of music

Lessons are structured to give your child maximum enjoyment of their lessons, plus learning the basics of music notation, as well as a foundational music ability.

Learn guitar in English

Allow your child to learn guitar in an English speaking environment.  

This is an excellent way for children learning English to immerse themselves in English.

Acoustic Guitar


Kids lessons are categorized into two age ranges:

Age Range 1: 6-9 Years Old

Children in this age group typically face challenges in developing finger strength and callouses, especially in their left hand (fretting hand). Therefore, the initial lessons focus on gradually building finger strength by introducing students to pressing on the strings using their index finger. Alongside this, students begin learning notes on the staff and develop right hand technique by practicing individual string plucking.

Age Range 2: 10-13 Years Old

Students in the 10-13 age range often demonstrate a slightly quicker pace of learning compared to younger children, yet may not yet match the typical pace of adult learners, particularly in chord playing. To cater to their developing skills and interests, lessons for this age group focus on strengthening multiple fingers simultaneously while also introducing melody playing on individual strings.

This approach allows students to engage with melodies of their favorite songs while gradually building finger strength and dexterity required for chord playing. By balancing skill development with musical exploration, students in this age range are encouraged to express their creativity and develop a deeper connection with music.

①Note Reading + Fundamentals

OGS Kids (Original Textbook)

Finding a guitar textbook that matches the learning pace of most young students can be challenging. That's why OGS Kids is an original textbook meticulously crafted to provide young learners with a comfortable and successful introduction to the fundamentals of guitar playing.

At the end of this textbook, students will not only have developed fundamental finger strength and knowledge but will also be equipped with the confidence to transition seamlessly to the Hal Leonard Guitar Method textbook (Below). OGS Kids serves as a stepping stone towards continued growth and musical exploration.

Hal Leonard Guitar Method

The Hal Leonard Guitar Method is a highly respected series of instructional books widely used by beginner guitarists in North America and around the world. Designed for students with zero experience in note reading, this textbook offers a structured and comprehensive approach to learning the guitar.

Key Features:

  • Structured Learning Path: The Hal Leonard Guitar Method follows a systematic learning path, starting from the basics and gradually progressing to more advanced concepts. This makes it suitable for beginners of all ages, including children.

  • Note Reading and Music Theory: The textbook covers essential topics such as notes on the treble clef, basic rhythms, and notation. Clear and easy-to-follow explanations, along with visual aids like diagrams and illustrations, help students grasp these concepts effectively.

  • Engaging Content: One of the hallmarks of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method is its use of popular songs and melodies to teach musical concepts. This approach keeps students engaged and motivated while learning fundamental skills.

①Popular Melodies

While focusing on fundamental skills using one of the aforementioned textbooks, students often find enjoyment in learning popular melodies from pop culture, anime, and other sources.


Beyond textbook material, this aspect of learning offers numerous benefits: it boosts engagement and motivation by allowing students to connect with music they love, provides a practical application of skills learned in the textbooks, and fosters personalization and creativity as students experiment with arrangements and interpretations.


Incorporating popular melodies alongside textbook material not only reinforces fundamental skills but also cultivates a lifelong passion for music and creativity.


"It's been about half a year since I started playing as a beginner, but I'm now able to play my favorite songs. . The teacher's lessons are gentle and polite, and I haven't been able to continue my lessons until now, but I enjoy taking lessons every week." - Middle School Student


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