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YOASOBI - Racing Into The Night 【Tab Video】

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Hello everyone! This is Ryan from Ontario Guitar Studio here.

I think anyone who is even remotely interested in J-Pop have heard the name YOASOBI, and this sone is one of their biggest. This is "Racing Into The Night (Yoru ni Kakeru).

If there is anyone that is interested in funk guitar playing, definitely check this one out. You have lots of moving triads across the fretboard, and a fast paced right hand funk strumming pattern as well.

Want to try your hand at a quirky lead guitar part? Check out the piano breakdown in the middle. I've tabbed it out for the guitar players interested in taking a shot at it!

Have tons of fun with it!


↓↓↓Buy the tab here!↓↓↓

Inside Japan :

Outside Japan : If you're eager to keep exploring exciting guitar performances like this one, why not give my lessons a try? Click here to book a free trial lesson and let's embark on this musical journey together!

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