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Japanese Introduction

Stella by Starlight - Jazz

“Ryan is an excellent and patient teacher. As an adult student wanting to play for fun, he helped me lock down the basics so that I can learn on my own. Ryan was so amazing that he continued to teach me over Skype when he moved to Japan.
" -40 year old banker

"I went to Ryan because I was working on one of my first studio recordings but my playing just wasn't up to the producer's high standards.


Ryan not only patiently helped me improve my technique so that I could finish the recording but also gave me valuable information on how to think and create guitar parts like a seasoned studio pro.


The things he taught me have given me confidence to play in just about any situation and I couldn't have done it without his years of wisdom!" -30 year old musician

"Ryan is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable instructors I've taken lessons from. By having a formal education in music, Ryan understands and can teach guitar in a way only the best instructors can. " -20 year old military officer

"Ryan is an incredible teacher. My sister and I were both students of Ryan and we learnt so much from him. He is so talented as a musician and communicates so well when he is teaching. Every lesson I left smiling and inspired to practice until our next lesson!" -High school students

Redemption Song - Bob Marley

Cory Wong - Jax (Funk)

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