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Intermediate Guitar

"I want to make guitar solos like 〇〇, but I don't know where to start."

"I really want to become a good jazz/rock/R&B etc. player."

"I want to start making my own guitar arrangements."

Let us help you take your guitar playing to the next level.

Intermediate students usually have experience with their instrument, but are looking to expand their knowledge of the guitar, especially learning more about the fretboard, as well as specific concepts unique to particular styles such as fingerstyle technique, funk comping, metal shredding technique, Jazz chord vocabulary, etc.

Intermediate students are also usually looking for ways to express themselves to a greater extent on their instrument.  

Example Lesson Flow

Intermediate guitar lesson example flow


Scale training - Training of various scales aiming for mastery of the fretboard.


Chord training - Exercises aiming for mastery of chords across the fretboard.


Sight Reading - Sight reading every lesson in order to keep notation reading sharp.


Ear training - Work on being able to not only learn tunes using your own ear, but being able to quickly play what you hear in your head onto your instrument.  


Performance training - Learn how to perform at a professional level.

"At the intermediate level, music becomes relatable to speaking a language.  With these students, I break down concepts through recordings the student may know, or recommendations from myself. I also work with the student to structure a concise but effective practice routine." - Ryan


Learn at your own pace 

with lessons fully customized

to your needs

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Each lesson is customized to your interests to create lesson flows that go at your pace, laser-focused to your interests.  This allows for maximum enjoyment and growth on the guitar, and your guitar lessons.

Guitarist in a jam session

Become a master of several 

styles to choose from

Focus on  the style that fits your sound.









Slide guitar

and more...

Become a fantastic and confident guitar player in the style you've always wanted to play, and experiment with other styles at any time during your lesson progress!

Top quality guitar lessons aimed at Intermediate students in English

Finding top quality intermediate guitar lessons in Tokyo, let alone Japan, can be quite difficult. 


Which is why we're happy to provide our lessons to students who want to seriously improve their playing, while speaking their priority language of English.  

Sheet Music and Guitar

Track your progress with 

written feedback after each


Seeing progress and growth with each lesson is the key to maintaining motivation and drive.  After each lesson, you will receive written and verbal feedback on how things are progressing, your strengths, and some recommended areas to improve.  

Finding the perfect balance of free, but structured lessons is highly valued at Ontario Guitar Studio.  

Recommended Plans

Intensive Intermediate Course

Spring Campaign!
No Admission Fee (Limited Offer)

Admission Fee: ¥10,000

Full Intermediate Course

Admission Fee: ¥10,000

Spring Campaign!
No Admission Fee (Limited Offer)


"Ryan was pleasant and well-prepared. He understood what I was looking for and provided a lesson that fit my needs very well. I feel like I learned a lot." - Scott

Your trial lesson includes a consultation regarding your strengths, areas to improve, and a recommended plan of action towards your guitar goals.