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Free Trial Lesson Booking Form

Trial Lesson Flow

①Complete the Trial Lesson application form

Please complete the Trial Lesson application form below which includes your preferred day, time, as well as information about your guitar and music history, language preference, and so on.  We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm your trial lesson.

Booking guitar lesson online in cafe

②Consultation and Trial Lesson

The beginning of the trial lesson will consist of a consultation of the students needs, and goals, as well as a level check.  Once this is complete, the student will receive instruction on how they can improve their skills in the lesson time.

③Feedback, and recommended planning

After the trial lesson, you will receive feedback on your current level.  The student will

also receive a recommended plan to move forward with such as recommended material, practice routine, and what to expect over their next couple of lessons.  This is the most important stage to achieve your guitar goals.  

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons tokyo
Man thinking about guitar goals for lessons in tokyo
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