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Guitar Strings


Ontario Guitar Studio offers private lessons and group lessons.  You can choose between 45 or 60-minute lessons.

Private Lessons

In private lessons, students can learn at their own pace and receive lessons tailored perfectly to their goals. Furthermore, in each lesson, they receive feedback on their skills and effective, enjoyable practice advice is provided!

Group Lessons

In group lessons, students have the opportunity to learn alongside other students who have similar goals. Additionally, ensemble performances are led by the instructor making it an ideal option for students who want to play music with others!

There are two common group lesson patterns:

  1. Applying for lessons as a group.  Perfect for those who want to learn and enjoy the guitar with a group of friends or family members!

  2. Join an existing group class that matches your level and goals.  A great opportunity to meet like-minded people!

Man Playing Guitar

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