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Nurturing Creativity and Self-ExpressionThrough Guitar Mastery in Tokyo

Learning to express yourself on the guitar is OGS's most important mission.  

Even if you have never touched an instrument before, we aim to provide supportive, fun, and effective lessons to nurture your guitar goals.

Lessons can be provided in Japanese only, English only, or English and Japanese mixed providing you a chance to immerse yourself in an English speaking environment.  

See our curriculum here!


\Ontario Guitar Studio's 5 Points/

Enjoy lessons in English, Japanese, or a mix of both.  **Highly recommended for students studying English!**

Students have the opportunity to perform in two student recitals each year.  A great opportunity to show off your guitar skills.  Free for students and attendees!  

Ontario Guitar Studio offers a step-by-step curriculum for beginners that has been tested and adjusted to ensure a comfortable lesson flow while focusing on goals and preferences for each student.  

Create effective and enjoyable practice plans with an experienced instructor to achieve your goals as a guitarist.  


lesson content is flexibly tailored to the student's preferences, as well as detailed feedback after every lesson from a patient and experienced instructor.  

・In a nutshell・

Embrace your artistic freedom

and performance ability

with a proficient guitar instructor,

regardless of your playing level.


Point 1・
Let's not learn English, let's use it!

Students of English often face the problem of lacking opportunities to actually interact in an English speaking Environment.  Therefore when the opportunity arises to use English in real time, they may feel frustrated and discouraged.  

A key feature to our lessons is to provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in an English environment through learning the guitar.  As a result, our students are able to naturally strengthen their English ability.  

Students who may be already fluent with English however may have difficulty finding highly experienced English speaking guitar instructors also take advantage of our classes.

Japanese students who have no interest, and simply want to take guitar lessons in their native language also attend our lessons.

Our students generally fall into the following three categories:

Japanese Only (minimal use of English





 Students who want to have enjoyable lessons in their native language choose this pattern.

 There are also students who lack confidence in their English skills and wish to start with Japanese initially, gradually becoming accustomed to speaking English that choose this style of lessons.

English and Japanese mixed (English with Japanese Support)



Press here with your 人差し指.  Yes!Just like that!

あっ!ここですね!なるほど!I see!  Thank you!


 Students who enjoy lessons combining Japanese and English use this pattern. The instructor primarily conducts the lessons in English, and students can choose to respond in either English or Japanese.

 The instructor always confirms understanding in Japanese in a friendly manner and can switch to Japanese if necessary. Additionally, there are students who choose to speak only in Japanese while the instructor speaks in English.

English only (minimal use of Japanese)

Is this okay?


Press here with your first finger.  Yes!  Just like that!  Great!

Ahh, here!  Okay!  I see!  Thank you! 


 Students who enjoy lessons in English only use this pattern. While most students may use Japanese when they can't think of the words they want to say, the instructor primarily uses English. Most non-Japanese students also use this pattern.

The students can freely switch between these styles during the lesson!

The instructor has extensive experience in reading the the comfort level of the student, allowing them to conduct lessons in a supportive and stress-free manner.

This is the pride of Ontario Guitar Studio!

About the Instructor

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At 16, after receiving the Maestro Please Musicians Award in New York, I entered the Humber College Music program, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz.

After graduating, I continued working as a professional guitarist in Canada while teaching several guitar students.

Moving to Tokyo, Japan in 2013 to complete my studies in Japanese, after graduating from ARC Academy Japanese School, and achieving N2 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, I am is happy to teach students in another language, as well as perform for new audiences at several of Tokyo's finest clubs.

I have taught guitar for nearly 20 years, and have taught hundreds of students, from the casual hobbyist, to the aspiring professional.

With my experience as a working international musician, I like to tap into my student's potential to find the perfect balance of structure and freedom.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you!



・Point 2・
Showcase your skills twice a year at our recitals!

With a fundamental mission of valuing self-expression, Ontario Guitar Studio proudly holds biannual recitals.

Performing while sing your favorite song,  flesh out a a solo performance, or jam away a duet with other guitarists.

These recitals serve as a fantastic source of motivation for students, providing specific goals to practice for.

Participation in the recitals is free and serves as a valuable element to focus on improving your skills.

・Point 3・
Step-by-step method for Beginner Guitarists


Ontario Guitar Studio offers a curriculum that progresses step by step from the basics of guitar.

This is ideal for beginners who want to build a foundation from scratch.

The curriculum has been designed and adjusted based on several beginner students to maximize an effective and stress-free learning experience.  

This curriculum is used in conjunction with a student's goals on the guitar such as songs or skills they would like to learn in order to suppliment fundamental guitar skills for beginners.  

Curriculum Contents:

  • Basic open chords

  • Basic strumming patterns

  • Basic scale training

  • Power chords

  • Note names on the fretboard (5th and 6th strings)

  • Introduction to improvisation

  • Introduction to 12-bar blues

Total of 20 units

Read more about the beginner curriculum here>>

・Point 4・​
Specific Goal-oriented lessons for Experienced Players

Experienced individuals often struggle with knowing what to practice to achieve their goals. Therefore, when it comes to experienced student, highly customized lessons is an absolute must, and no lesson plan is the same.  

Some specific topics with experienced individuals include:

Fretboard Mapping

Demystify the fretboard with scale training exercises customized for your specific playing level and purpose.

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons


Example Lesson Flow

Intermediate guitar lesson example flow

・​Point 5・​
⑤Learn from an experienced instructor well-versed in many genres

Learn alongside a Bachelors music degree holding instructor with extensive experience in many genres.

"I've studied rock music before, but this time I want to challenge myself with jazz!"

"I wonder how acoustic fingerpicking feels like."

"I want to arrange K-POP songs for the guitar!"

Throughout your guitar journey, explore various genres such as these!

Be sure to check out our videos from our YouTube channel regularly updated since 2020!

Improvisation Lesson/Scale Lesson





  • Ontario Guitar Studio Youtube

Reviews from our Students


Lessons are held at BASS ON TOP Takadanobaba music studio, conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Takadanobaba Station, Toriyama Exit.



Q: "Typically, what kind of students come to Ontario Guitar Studio?"

Students of various age groups attend classes here, ranging from elementary school students to university students, working professionals, as well as seniors.  


Not only Japanese students but also non-Japanese residents of Japan frequently attend. Thanks to the internet and our YouTube channel, students from overseas also take online lessons or participate in short-term intensive courses during their stay in Japan.

Q:"I want to learn both English and guitar, but I am a complete beginner with both."

 Even if you are a complete beginner with English guitar, we offer highly supportive lessons. 

OGS prioritizes comfort during lessons, and using a simple mix of English and Japanese, along with a watch-and-imitate approach, has proven to be very effective for these type ofstudents.  

With very patient and careful guidance every step of the way, this enables a enables a fun and comfortable learning environment.

Q: "I am not interested in speaking English.  Can I take guitar lessons in Japanese only?"

 We also offer lessons in Japanese only, therefore it is possible to take lessons without using English.

Q: "I am a complete beginner. I have never touched a musical instrument. Is that okay?"

Having experience with musical instruments is helpful, but we have a lot of teaching experience with students who have no background in music whatsoever.

For students with no experience whatsoever, building finger strength and getting familiar with the basics of the guitar is the initial focus of the first few lessons. Subsequent lessons revolve around developing a basic sense of rhythm and timing.

All lessons carried out with a strong emphasis on support and assistance for the student to ensure maximum fun and enjoyment of the learning process, and the guitar itself.  

Q: "What kind of curriculum do you offer?"

 The lessons are customized based on the student's level and goals. For beginner students, the beginner-oriented school textbook method 'OGS Basics' is used, with the direction towards songs and skills the student would like to learn.

Generally, lessons focused solely on textbooks can significantly reduce a student's motivation quite quickly. Therefore, maintaining a proper balance between textbooks and what the student ultimately wants to play is a top priority.

Q: "I would like to have lessons once a month. Is this option available?"

Unfortunately due to scheduling constraints, the minimum lesson frequency offered is twice a month.

Q: "Do you offer travel lessons?"

Unfortunately due to scheduling constraints, travel lessons are not offered. However, if it's difficult to travel to the lesson location, online lessons are also available.  

Q: "I am too far from your lesson location, but I am interested in online lessons. Are they available?"

Online lessons are offered using Zoom. Currently, students not only in Japan but also around the world at various skill levels take lessons with OGS.

Q: "Do you provide rental instruments or instruments for those who cannot bring their own?"

For individual lessons, guitars can be provided free of charge. However for group lessons, rental guitars are available, but because of a limited number of guitars available at the rehearsal studio, bringing your own guitar is strongly recommend.

Free Trial Lesson Booking Form

①Complete the Trial Lesson application form

Please complete the Trial Lesson application form below which includes your preferred day, time, as well as information about your guitar and music history, language preference, and so on. 


We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm your trial lesson.


②Consultation and Trial Lesson

​The beginning of the trial lesson will consist of a consultation of the students needs, and goals, as well as a level check.  Once this is complete, the student will receive instruction on how they can improve their skills in the lesson time.

③Feedback, and recommended planning

After the trial lesson, you will receive feedback on your current level.  The student will also receive a recommended plan to move forward with such as recommended material, practice routine, and what to expect over their next couple of lessons.


 This is the most important stage to achieve your guitar goals.  




I’m looking forward to working on your guitar goals with you!


Ryan Boisselle

Ontario Guitar Studio Instructor

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