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About Us

electric guitar amplifier lessons tokyo

The Ontario Guitar Studio provides guitar lessons to students in Tokyo, Japan

of all levels from beginner to advanced.  We cater interests from the casual hobbyist, to the aspiring artist.  All instructors are bilingual, allowing you to enjoy lessons both in English, or Japanese.  Lessons available for Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, jazz, rock, pop, blues, funk, country, R&B, etc. 


ryan boisselle guitar teacher smiling tokyo

"Ryan is an excellent and patient teacher. As an adult student wanting to play for fun, he helped me lock down the basics so that I can learn on my own. Ryan was so amazing that he continued to teach me over Skype when he moved to Japan."

- Jaquie

About the Instructor:

Ryan Boisselle(B.A.) was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At 16, after receiving the Maestro Please Musicians Award in New York, he entered the Humber College Music program, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz.


Ryan continued working as a professional guitarist, working as a sideman for several esteemed artists, while teaching several guitar students.


Moving to Tokyo, Japan in 2013 to complete his studies in Japanese, after graduating from ARC Academy Japanese School, and achieving N2 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, he is happy to teach students in another language, as well as perform for new audiences at several of Tokyo's finest clubs such as The Billboard Live.

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