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Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitarist

Start learning the guitar with Fun and enjoyable lessons from a patient guitar instructor with thousands of hours of experience.

japanese man practicing beginner guitar lessons tokyo jazz

Customized lessons specific for your enjoyment, right from the first lesson

Even if you've never played an instrument before, you will learn the basics of the guitar, a melody or two, and a chord right from the first lesson. 


From there, we will customize the lessons specifically towards your goals.  Is there a song or style that you would like to see yourself playing one day?  No problem.  

"My goal is always to provide encouragement and coaching to beginner students as they become more familiar with their instrument, as well as provide a clear path to any student’s particular goal. Students will also learn basic care for their instrument such as tuning, and storage tips." - Ryan


Several styles to choose from

Once learning the basics of the guitar, and a few melodies, we can begin to start to steer your guitar lessons into the genre of your choice such as Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Metal, etc.  

We will also give you genre-specific exercises to work on your hand strength and fretboard knowledge to set you up for success.

Man Playing Guitar
Street Performer Playing Guitar

Study guitar in English, Japanese, or a mix of both

①English Only

Students with English as their primary language, and/or who would like to enjoy lessons only in English.

②Japanese and English Mixed

Students who would like to work on their English or Japanese,

with some support in their primary language.

③Japanese Only 

Students with Japanese as their primary language and/or would like to enjoy lessons only in Japanese.  

For English language learners, the best way to solidify and build on the language you are learning is to use it in practical situations outside of your study time.  Learning a musical instrument in the language your studying is a fantastic way to strengthen your language skills.  

Gain confidence from feedback after each lesson on your progress

Motivating feedback on your progress after each lesson, along with

homework to supercharge your progress.  

Feedback is the key for guitar lessons at OGS!

Book of Guitar Chords


Beginners usually have trouble finding a straight-forward path to cover the basics of the guitar.  This textbook is a step-by-step method covering common guitar chords, scales, and finger exercises which will set students up for success.

This textbook is used side by side with a customized lesson plan focusing on a student's personal guitar goal such as learning their favorite song, learning how to improvise, etc.  


“Ryan is an excellent and patient teacher. As an adult student wanting to play for fun, he helped me lock down the basics so that I can learn on my own. Ryan was so amazing that he continued to teach me over Skype when he moved to Japan." - 40 year old banker

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