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Live Guitar performance in tokyo

Funk/R&B Guitar Fundamentals

Dive into the cool rhythmic sounds of Funk and R&B learning essential techniques and vocabulary.

Playing Guitar

Improve your Groove

Funk and R&B are both styles that exude rhythm and technicality, while giving off a cool smooth vibe.  

In lessons, techniques such as right hand technique, left hand dynamics, and building a solid sense of time are the primary focus, followed by developing a knowledge commonly used chord and phrase vocabulary  for each of these styles.  

Developing a repertoire of tunes a student can perform is the end-goal when it comes to these lessons.

Gain performance experience at our recitals

Very similar to jazz students, funk and R&B students often have the desire to attend jam sessions in the future, however many students often don't know how to start to build up to it.

Preparing and performing tunes at our recitals twice a year is a great way to get your feet wet with performing, and is a great stepping stone to begin to start to attend jam sessions

Slide guitar live in tokyo
Recording guitar in Music Studio

Study in a language environment of your choosing

Recommended for students who would like to learn in environments that use both English and Japanese.

①English Only

Students with English as their primary language, and/or who would like to enjoy lessons only in English.

②Japanese and English Mixed

Students who would like to work on their English or Japanese,

with some support in their primary language.

③Japanese Only 

Students with Japanese as their primary language and/or would like to

enjoy lessons only in Japanese.  

Always know what the next step is with feedback every lesson

Each lesson comes with written feedback on your progress and your work.  Understand your strengths, and have a clear idea on what your areas to improve are. 

Gain a solid perspective on what you need to reach your musical goals.

Book of guitar Chords


Dive deep into the rhythmic essence of funk and R&B music, emphasizing downbeats and syncopation to help you master groove.


You'll learn essential chord voicings and strumming techniques that define the sound, along with iconic riffs and licks featuring sliding, hammer-ons, and muted strumming. Through improvisational exercises, we'll explore scales and jam over grooves, honing your ability to create captivating solos.


You'll also gain insights into chord progressions and song structures, refining your ear through transcription exercises. With practice alongside backing tracks or live accompaniment, you'll solidify your groove and performance skills. Together, we'll explore various funk subgenres and integrate elements from other styles, fostering your musical versatility and creativity.


Lessons are designed for continual growth and experimentation, ensuring you'll always be inspired to deepen your understanding and expression funk/R&B guitar.


While it is most common for students to learn R&B/Funk guitar through learning multiple songs, some students prefer learning through a textbook.  For these students, the following textbooks are recommended.  

Funk Guitar: The Essntial Guide

For students who prefer textbook-based lessons, "Funk Guitar: The Essential Guide" is a recommended textbook which will take you through the basics of funk strumming, commonly used chords in funk guitar, as well as popular scales that can be used to solo/improvise with in a funk guitar setting.  

Hal Leonard R&B Guitar Method


This is a textbook crafted for the student who wants to start to delve into the basics of R&B guitar.  The textbook teaches students fundamental knowledge and skills needed for R&B guitar while familiarizing them with popular R&B/Motown songs.  A great choice for those who prefer to get started on R&B guitar by using a textbook.  



"I went to Ryan because I was working on one of my first studio recordings but my playing just wasn't up to the producer's high standards.


Ryan not only patiently helped me improve my technique so that I could finish the recording but also gave me valuable information on how to think and create guitar parts like a seasoned studio pro.


The things he taught me have given me confidence to play in just about any situation and I couldn't have done it without his years of wisdom!" -30 year old musician

Come in for a trial lesson, and you will receive a consultation to create a solid plan to reach your musical goals.

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