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Lessons & Fees

"Music is the universal language of mankind."Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Beginner Lessons


Beginner lessons are heavily focused on getting sound from the instrument, learning basic chords and scales, as well as learning music notation (depending on the student’s goals). My goal is always to provide encouragement and coaching to beginner students as they become more familiar with their instrument, as well as provide a clear path to any student’s particular goal. Students will also learn basic care for their instrument such as tuning, and storage tips.


Typical beginner lesson structure:

  • 50% Chord work

  • 50% Single Note work

  • (notation work optional)

Intermediate Lessons 

Intermediate students usually have experience with their instrument, but are looking to expand their knowledge of the guitar, especially learning more about the fretboard, as well as specific concepts unique to particular styles such as fingerstyle technique, funk comping, metal shredding technique, Jazz chord vocabulary, etc. With these students, I break down concepts through recordings the student may know, or recommendations from myself. This is where music is considered a language. I also work with the student to structure a concise but effective practice routine.


Typical Intermediate lesson flow:

  • 30 minutes = scale lesson/training

  • 30 minutes = tune analysis and playthrough (transcription)

Advanced Lessons


Advanced students are usually looking to pursue a career in music, and are often looking to polish their skills for live performance, recording, or are looking for admission into a music program in College or University. Because of this, no advanced lesson is created equal. However, here is a small sample of the typical topics covered in advanced lessons:

  • Guitar Fretboard Knowledge

    • Scale and fretboard knowledge (Major, Minor, Jazz Minor, Altered, etc.)

    • Arpeggio knowledge

    • Chord Knowledge

    • Improvisation

  • Audition tune preparation

  • Composition techniques (DAW/DTM training) 

  • Notation reading

  • Ear training

Lesson Fees

Administration Fee: ¥0

Trial Lesson: ¥0

Adult Lessons (14 and up)

Kids Lessons (13 and under)

**Group Lessons and Ensemble Classes coming soon!**
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