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Now Accepting Group Guitar Classes Students

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful year. Autumn is just around the corner, therefore things will start to cool down a bit.

It is my pleasure to finally begin accepting students for group guitar lessons!

Group guitar lessons are a great way to learn in a social setting with other students, and work on songs together as a group.

I will be accepting students for two types of classes:

Class Level




Japanese-English Mixed



English Only


The goal of each class will be to master the basics of guitar such as basic open chords, power chords, and begin to work on barre chords. Basic scales such as the Major scale, and the minor pentatonic scale will also be covered. This will be done using my new "OGS Basics" textbook.

We will also cover the basics of reading sheet music. This will be done using the "Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1" textbook.

Finally, there will be a customized element added to the class where depending on the student's interests, a song will be prepared that we will learn as a class.

A potential goal for the class will be to perform at the Ontario Guitar Studio recital as a group!

Class flow:

5 minutes - Introductions/tuning

15 minutes - OGS Basics

15 minutes - Hal Leonard reading

10 minutes - Customized element

*flow times will be adjusted depending on the class*

The class days and times will be decided depending on the preferences of the students. I'll be hoping to start classes by the first week of November.

If you are interested, feel free to book a trial lesson & consultation with me. From there I will be able to assess your playing level (as well as your English level if needed).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at

I look forward to meeting and teaching you!


Guitar Instructor

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